Anil Aydin's work develops around the unstoppable movement, the constant change and motion we witness in everyday life, by interpreting the conflict of what this movement creates in her inner self. Her practice stands close to Abstract Expressionism, while being influenced by Formalism and Indeterminacy. She suggests a new perspective of an existing work while the motion continues in itself, and experiments with various methods and materials to document the evolvement, by intertwining the borders between painting, texture & print design, photography, and video art. 

In her print work, she uses acrylic as a base medium, and practices Action Painting, then overdoes her work by making deformations in digital platform. Her method supports her statement as the work constantly changes and another work is created by its deformation, thus the final work represents an event in preference to an image. 

Movement does not continue backwards in time, and with her manifest, she suggests an example of adjustability of something already happened in past, by using elements of her paintings to create a new form. She believes all our actions are directed by an inner motion, and she explores and investigates the destructive and manipulative impact of motion to our appearance.


Born in 1986 in Istanbul, currently living in Istanbul.


Honors & Awards

Pratt Institute/New York, Merit Scholarship, Printmaking

Otis College of Art&Design/Los Angeles, Merit Scholarship, Painting

Istanbul Technical University/Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA, Graduated in first rank



Mixer Arts Gallery, Group Exhibition, Istanbul, 2015

Istanbul Design Biennial, Group Exhibition, Istanbul, 2012